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Dress Code Clothing Shortcuts
Short or long sleeve T-shirts & Hooded Sweatshirts – Any Bethlehem Academy, Faribault Co-op Sports (in which students actively participate), Minnesota State High School League section/state tournament shirts (in which students actively participated) College/University, Armed Forces are allowed.

Other short or long sleeve shirts – Collared or dress crew neck shirts are acceptable.  Button shirts may only have the top button undone.

Outer layer tops - Crew neck sweatshirts, full-zip, quarter-zip pullovers are acceptable.

Shorts – Knee length of any color with a sewn hem may be worn prior to MEA and after Spring Break.  Shorts may not be worn on Mass days.

Pants/Capris – Pants/capris of any color may be worn.  Jeans may not be worn on Mass days

Skirts/Dresses – must touch the top of the knee or longer, collared or crew neckline.

Shoes – Shoes must be worn at all times in the school building.  Flip-flops are allowed prior to MEA break and after Spring break.

Mass Days- All students will wear dress pants, a collared shirt, dress (crew or polo style neckline with sleeves) or skirt that must touch the top of the knee or longer with no midriff or cleavage showing.  Students must remain in their Mass clothes all day.  Jeans and shorts are not permitted.

Unacceptable clothing items: leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, skorts, jogger pants, sleeveless shirts, hats, cut-off shorts, torn clothing, and clothing with inappropriate designs and/or messages (including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco references).

During Football Season:
Football jerseys can be worn on game days with a black or white crew neck shirt worn underneath.  If the game day falls on a Mass day, jerseys may be worn after Mass with the appropriate Mass dress code pants.

Other sports teams may receive permission to wear uniform team spirit clothing on game, or special team days from Mr. Briscoe.  Students should receive permission 2 days prior to a single event or create a calendar plan for the season.