2019-12-13 Family Focus

December 13, 2019

Note from the Principal

Bethlehem Academy Community,

I see a cardinal several times each week at our bird feeder.  Each time it reminds me of Angels and of this column.

Angels Among Us:

I have lived in Minnesota my entire life.  I tell people from around the country that I love our four seasons, I just wish they were more equally divided.  This fall was very cold, and the early winter takes me back to my youth.  It seemed like we always had abundant snow and cold weather that made us dream of the first days of spring.  The sun last set at 5:00 pm on Halloween.  It will not set at 5:00 pm again until January 17, 2020.  If you are counting that is about 78 days!

I have talked about the power of prayer and about the intervention of Angels in this column in the past.  Angels carried my wife Cindy in her pancreatic cancer battle.  Normally you live a few months with that diagnosis, and she was able to provide hope for many others for five years, battling right to the end.  I used to tell her that God used her to be a spokesperson for this disease and to provide hope to thousands of people that we will never meet. 

The Angels come to us many times in our darkest hours.  Too often, whether we are a student, parent or a community member, the hurdles we face in life can get in the way of accomplishing the goals that we set out to achieve.  I can promise each of you that life’s struggles never come to an end.  You cannot make one big effort to change your life and then be done.  Too many times we are going to get started on our new life just as soon as we read that new book, lose those 10 pounds, save some money, etc.  While we can wait to get all of our “ducks in a row” before getting started in one strategy, most of the time we end up with a bunch of dead ducks before we actually are able to implement anything.  Instead, we really need to use the “what’s important now” (WIN) strategy that Lou Holtz, former Notre Dame football coach, talks about.

I have been an early morning plodder for nearly forty years now.  I have never been fast enough to call myself a runner or a jogger.  The word plodder seems to fit my pace.  About ten years ago when I was a principal in Rochester, I had three mornings in a row where I had a hard time catching my breath.  I assumed that my asthma was back, so I told my secretary that I was going to urgent care and I would be back soon.  A series of tests followed by a cat scan detected a very serious blood clot.  I can remember the doctor looking me in the eyes and telling me if I had not come in that day, I probably would not have had a chance to come in.  In the hospital, hooked up to an IV, I started to ask myself, “What’s important now?”  That night as I lay in the hospital, there was a tap on my shoulder from a male nurse.  It was the only time I saw him, but he made a special point to tell me that he had the same blood clot a year ago and he knew I was going to be fine.  I asked the next morning who that nurse was, and they said there was no male nurse on staff that night on my floor.  Yes, there are Angels among us, sent down from above.  As we prepare to celebrate the final holidays of 2019, I would like to remind you to live your life with purpose and passion.  And never forget the impossible just takes a little longer, but each of us can do the impossible if we just take the first step forward and keep moving.

Dr. Chuck Briscoe

Holiday Concert Schedules

     (Click on hyperlink for more info)

Choir Concert

Dec. 15, 7:00pm at Immaculate Conception Church

Band Concert

Dec. 16, 7:00pm at Van Orsow Auditorium

DMCS Concert

Dec. 17, 1:00 & 6:30pm at Van Orsow Auditorium

**BA Students please park on the street Dec. 17th.

Final Exam Schedule, Dec. 18-20

HS:   Please see the attached schedule for final exams.

         Early Dismissal: 12/19 at 2:15 and 12/20 at 1:35 (Students may wait at school in classrooms for busing and after school activities)

MS:   Students will be dismissed at the regular time all week.

End of Quarter 2/Semester 1: December 20

Semester 1 report cards will be mailed mid-January.

Dress Down Day – Monday, December 16th

Cost: $2.00

The Student Service Club is hosting a dress down day Monday, December 16.  All proceeds benefit Pregnancy Options & will be used to purchase fleece to make 20 toddler blankets; any extra money will go towards sleepers, diapers or any other needs their agency has.

Dress Code: Sweatpants/joggers are ok as are any logo’d shirt/sweatshirt in which the student is a member, such as extracurricular programs at BA or coop sports @ FHS.

NO Hats and NO Leggings!

Host Families Needed!

Bethlehem Academy is looking for a great family to host Sehwan, a 7thgrade boy from South Korea via KoAm for the 2nd semester.  Host families are also needed for 5 Argentina students (2 girls, 3 boys) for their 5-week stay at BA in January.  Contact Kris @ksauer@bacards.org to get started!

Robotics Team heading to the State Championship!

The robotics team travelled to Loyola Catholic School in Mankato for their second event on December 7th. They had three teams place in the finals with one bringing home the Design Award!  This means that for the second year running, they will be making an appearance at the State Championship in St. Cloud!  Coach Robinson said, “I am immensely proud of all of the robotics students, who pulled off some truly astounding changes to their robots in a very short time. All of our robots greatly improved over just two weeks, half of which was Thanksgiving break.”

Congratulations to all members of our Robotics Teams!!


Friends, Cousins, Sibling Shadow Day – Jan. 28 

Invite a friend, cousin or sibling to join your student for a shadow day Tuesday, January 28! In addition to classes & a complimentary lunch, all students will participate in our Jesus Food Pack for Catholic Schools Week. This is a fun way for possible students to see what it’s like to be a Cardinal! Sign up a prospective Cardinal here.  Spread the word!

Game Nights…Save the date!

Free admission! Games! Prizes!

  • Future Cardinal/DMCS Family Night @ Girls basketball game, Thursday, January 9
  • Future Cardinal/DMCS Family Night @ Boys basketball game, Monday January 27

More details to follow…

Dates to Remember

12/15  Choir Concert, 7pm at Immaculate Conception Church
12/16  Band Concert, 7pm at BA
12/17  DMCS Concert, 1pm & 6:30pm at BA
12/18  Mass Day
12/20  End of Quarter 2/Semester 1
12/21-1/6  Christmas Break - No School
1/6  Argentina students arrive @ BA

Click HERE for BA Online Activities Calendar:  https://gopherconference.org/public/genie/7/school/7/


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19-20 S1 Grades 9-12 Final Exams Schedule.pdf

S1 Finals Study Schedule 2019.pdf

BA Activities 2019-12-16.pdf

FHS Coop Activities 2019-12-16.pdf

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