Hello Students and Parents!

Working and studying from home can feel very different; here are some quick tips! I will be adding to these as the year goes on.

Setting up a Successful Home Study Space:
  • If possible, choose a low-traffic, well-lit zone to set up
  • Have a consistent location; leave all of your books and computer there when you are done for the day
    • That way, you will have what you need when you need it at online school the next day
    • You also will not have to look at it in other parts of your home space, which can feel stressful
    • When you approach this space, you are "going to school"
  • If possible, have a space that you devote to your schoolwork, and little else
    • Then, when you approach this space, your brain gets in the study mode
    • If this space is your bed, your brain approaches it as nap time and it will be harder to pay attention
    • If you can close the door to this space, keep the door closed until you need to use it for school; close the door when you are done with school for the day to segment it off in your head
  • Make it comfortable 
    • But not too comfortable: no being in your pajamas in your bed!
    • Choose a chair you can sit in for a long time that keeps you alert
    • Ideally, have your computer on a desk or table to put your mind in the zone--you're less likely to surf the web if you set yourself up like you are in a school building
  • Keep a routine!
    • If you usually get up, shower, and get dressed before school, continue this routine during online working!
    • If you usually pump yourself up for school listening to music in the car, throw on some music while you get ready for the day
    • If you usually have lunch at school, make yourself lunches before the school day starts to keep yourself in the study zone instead of becoming a fine-dining chef during the school day

Setting up boundaries for at-home Study Hall:
We've all been there: you're at home, attendance is optional, and your bed looks oh-so inviting. Next thing you know, you've napped, instagrammed, and TikToked into your next class. Woooops! Here are some tips to set you up for a successful study hall from home:
  • Make a plan of attack
    • What do you have to work on?
    • How long will each assignment take? 
    • What is your goal for the end of study hall?
  • Plan out your breaks
    • They should be under 5 minutes, timed, and infrequent
    • "After I finish this assignment, I will get a glass of water and return to my work"
    • "When I have finished this section, I will take a dance break"
  • If you feel overwhelmed by your work: STRATEGIZE
    • "Doing my artwork does not feel like work; after I finish this section of difficult math, I will listen to music, set a timer for 15 minutes, and work on my drawing assignment"
    • "I have 7 assignments I need to do. I am overwhelmed. I think I could finish three of them during this hour and a half. I will start with Math, then English, then Religion. I will not worry about finishing the others during this time; I will only focus on what I CAN accomplish."
DO NOT spend study hall lounging on your bed

DO NOT spend study hall goofing on your computer

DO NOT spend study hall on Instagram

DO NOT spend study hall painting your nails

DO NOT spend study hall watching TikTok videos 

These can be your rewards at the end of the day, but will likely derail your at home study hall.

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