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Family Focus 4/17/2020

date 04/17/2020 author Ed Friesen category April 2020 comment Leave a comment

April 17, 2020

Note from Dr. Briscoe…

We continue to be very proud of our students and teachers at BA. We know this is not easy and we are making adjustments to work load as we move forward. We look forward to honoring the Class of 2020, and continue to discuss options for Senior Week in the event the Governor extends distance learning through the end of the school year. We will all be stronger people for enduring the Covid Challenge of 2020. My prayers are that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and that school, church, and our lives will return to normal sometime in 2020. The “new normal” is very hard for us to do. 

April 2020 Faribault Daily News Column

Opportunities to Grow:

As a long-time educator, I have witnessed several students and staff members rise above the challenges that life can throw at them and find a way to adapt and continue to grow and flourish.  Sometimes the curve balls in life can be very hard to hit.  When the pitch is really inside you will have to hit the ground and dust yourself up and get back in the batting box.

I love baseball.  My dad was a very good pitcher and started throwing the ball back and forth with me before I was in kindergarten. I still have his pitching glove which is smaller than the choppers I wear to shovel snow. As I got older all of the lessons paid off as I could throw the ball hard and have fun playing baseball. Until a few years ago I used to say that I could still help the Twins using their model of pitching to contact.

The many years of pitching finally caught up with my right shoulder. An MRI in late 2018 indicated a slight rotator cuff tear.  An MRI in early 2020 indicated that the shoulder was now a mess and I would need surgery. The tear was into the bicep and the pain was very challenging. The doctor said that I needed the surgery immediately if I hoped to save the parts of my shoulder. I had hoped to wait until after BABS or in the summer but my decision to have the surgery immediately proved to be a blessing with the virus hitting in mid-March.

On March 9th Donna and I walked into Summit Orthopedics at 5:30 a.m. for surgery. This was the first day of spring break and I hoped that I would minimize the number of days of school I would miss. I had no idea on that day that we would probably not be going back to school until fall. Dr. Warner told me that my job was to show up and relax. He would do the heavy lifting and together we would get through this. After several hours I left with my shoulder in a brace and my new ice machine in the car.  The repairs were worse than expected and I now have two screws in my bicep and two holding one of the tendons to the bone. I will not set off any alarms at the airport as the screws are plastic. My favorite Faribault jeweler had promised me that the first few days would be the worst and he was correct. I spent most of my day and night in a recliner for the first few days.  t got better with each passing day.

Going from two hands to one presented many challenges. It was my first time at bat in my youth. I had to keep swinging and to remember to run to first, not third base when I hit the ball. Eventually the swing got easier and someday I hope to hit a homerun again. I am always hopeful and there were days I could hear one of my mother’s favorite comments, “things could be worse.”  After two weeks I got permission to drive one-handed which got easier with practice. There now is no coffee on my morning drive with only one hand. We are on a long break from dancing and we pray that we can resume dancing on the kitchen floor and riding a bike in May. The fine art of shaving is a real challenge with one hand and so is brushing your teeth. 

This has been a reminder for me to appreciate the simple things in life, like the ability to tie your shoes and open a door. We take many things for granted, but between the virus and my surgery I am smelling the flowers, drinking good coffee and practicing social distancing. Like most of you, I am not wired to shelter in place. I pray that someday we can meet for coffee, get on a dance floor and hug each other again. Stay safe, stay home and keep washing your hands.


Dr. Chuck Briscoe


BABS 2020

Please check out our Facebook page at and please help us spread the word by sharing posts on our upcoming BABS event. See links to the auction site and event web page below. Mark your calendars and plan to join us online for our virtual BABS event!

Please like and share all week long our BABS posts!!!

Calendar Updates

  • Spring Play, April 24-26: Cancelled
  • Prom, May 2: Postponed, new date/format TBD
  • Spring Concert, May 6: Cancelled

2020-2021 Financial Aid & Tuition Agreements

We encourage families with financial aid applications to be responsive to any emails from TADS requesting additional information. Financial aid allocations and Archdiocesen scholarships are in progress and any applications listed as POOR or FAIR in TADS are not eligible until this information is provided. Your help is appreciated, as our goal is to have tuition agreements out in May. Please contact Kris at ksauer@bacards.orgwith questions on this process.

Class Registration and Pending Enrollment

We are reaching out by phone and email to students whose TADS enrollment is pending and/or who have not submitted their 2020-2021 class registration in PowerSchool. Your assistance with this process is appreciated, as it helps us plan for classes and for next year’s budget. Please note that we cannot place students in classes until their enrollment is finalized. Contact Kris at with any questions. Thank you!

Tips for Successful Distance Learning

Mr. Schuman, our Guidance Counselor, sent all BA students a video this week with words of encouragement and tips to staying on track with distance learning. Find the video here:

Faribault Public Library Online Resources

The Faribault Public Library is offering an electronic library card and numerous online resources. Check out the attached flyer for more information.

SCRIP Update

Good news! Barring any unforeseen circumstances, DMCS will resume placing Scrip orders on Tuesday, April 21. All orders must be received by 8:30 am that morning. You will be able to pick-up your orders every Thursday from 4-6pm starting April 23rd. Pick up will be at DMCS Door # 3 (the side gym door). Just pull up and honk your horn! Peggy will meet you with your order.  PLEASE NOTE: orders must be paid by check. (The online payment option will not be available until further notice.) All standing SCRIP orders will be resumed as well. ACH orders will be processed as usual. If you do not wish to receive your standing order at this time, please notify Peggy Johnson at You may still purchase gift cards for Hy-Vee, Fareway, Kwik Trip, Walmart and Communinty Scrip at 1st United Bank in Faribault. Please contact Peggy if you have any questions about the program.


Top PSAT Score Congratulations!

Please join us in applauding BA junior Verity Wray-Raabolle for her outstanding achievement on the 2019-2020 SAT/National Merit Scholarship Test. She is among the top 1% of the more than 1.5 million high school juniors across the United States who took the exam, and is one of the 50,000 highest scoring students who will be recognized as either a Semifinalist or Commended student next fall. We are very proud of Verity at BA. She is an outstanding student, and a kind, caring person who reflects the values that BA students proudly display as students and as leaders in their schools and communities after graduation.

Tuition Payments

We are aware these are uncertain times for many of our families and finances may be tight. We have asked TADS to turn off all late payment fees. Please reach out to Sr Mary Margaret if you have concerns or need to alter your current payment plans or due dates as we are very willing to work with you. We appreciate the continual payments you are able to make as they help BA maintain a cash flow for salaries. 

Building our Cardinal Community: Seniors & Community Stories

As we continue distance/online learning, building our community through (virtual) social connections is more important than ever! In the coming weeks, we will continue honoring the Class of 2020 on our social media accounts. We also encourage you to send us YOUR funny, interesting, and creative photos/videos e-learning stories to And if you haven't already, follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twittertoday! We also encourage you to share your own photos/videos on social media using the hashtag: #WEAREBA #TogetherWeFly. Thank you!


Senior Scholarships/Transcripts

Mr. Schuman will continue to email all seniors any new scholarship offers that come up. See below for a list of current scholarships and deadlines. Students should email Mr. Schuman at with any questions or if a transcript is needed for a particular scholarship. Students still applying to colleges should use Naviance to submit their transcript requests. Parents and students are encouraged to email at any time with questions/concerns.


Faribault Sertoma Club Scholarship

The Faribault Sertoma Club will offer (2) $1500 scholarships for post-secondary education to high school seniors graduating in the spring of 2020.  The recipients of these scholarships will be students who best personify Sertoma’s motto, “Service to Mankind.” Please email Mr. Schuman for an application.  Deadline is April 30, 2020. 

Rotary STRIVE Program Postponed

Juniors: the Rotary STRIVE program is postponed until further notice. Please e-mail if you have any questions.


Summer Lawn Mowing Jobs

The Olmsted County-based Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, a chore-based service to help seniors and those with disabilities with lawn mowing, is expanding in the Faribault area. They currently have two elderly women in our area looking for lawn mowing assistance. This summer the volunteers will not have contact with the homeowner, but will work in the yard on their own, or with their family. Contact at or 507-287-2010 if interested. 

Nursing Home Outreach

We encourage you to join Ms. Heselton’s classes in sending letters, poems, or artwork to isolated nursing home residents. Please send your message to:  Milestone Senior Living (2500 14th St NW, Faribault, MN 55021) or contact Anne Pleskonko to be a resident penpal; and/or Pleasant Manor Senior Community (41 Brand Ave, Faribault, MN 55021). Residents are lonely without the option for visitors and would love your notes of encouragement!

MSAB Captions Project

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