Bethlehem Academy
Online/Flexible Learning Day for Students

Goals of the Flexible/Online Learning Day:

  • To minimize the disruption to academic progress caused by weather-related and other emergency school closures by making these days as educationally productive and engaging as possible.
  • To provide students with online learning opportunities that is increasingly becoming a part of both college study and workplace training.

What happens during a BA Flexible Learning Day?

  • Students will complete assignments posted in PowerSchool, the school’s student information and learning management system.
    • Assignments for a class that meets every day should be approximately 20-30 minutes in length and relevant to current coursework.  Assignments for a block class that meets every-other-day may be longer (45-60 minutes).  Flexible learning days will count towards the official school day count.  Students will be responsible for completing the assigned work.
    • Teachers are will post assignments in PowerSchool Learning Class Pages under the Activities module by 9:30am.  By posting in the Activities module, assignments will appear on the student’s dashboard and calendar.  This will provide one consistent location for students and parents to check for assignments.  In addition to the PowerSchool posting, teachers may also email the assignment to students.  Teachers will communicate their expectations for the assignment:
      • A narrative with an objective and specific instructions explaining the work to be done.
      • Clear due dates along with directions on how to turn in the assignment. 
      • Directions on where to find any necessary additional resources such as links, documents, etc.
      • The times you will be available online for questions.
  • Teachers will have online “office hours” and will be available for at least 2 hours.  Teachers will post the time(s) they will be available to answer questions submitted through email, PowerSchool messaging or other electronic means normally used by the class.  Teachers may split their office hours into two different time blocks – once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
  • Student and faculty logins to PowerSchool Classroom will be monitored.
  • Students will log into PowerSchool after 9:30am to check assignments and verify teacher online office hour times for the day.
  • Students will complete posted assignments by specified due date.  Students needing a due date extension for an appropriate reason will contact their teachers with the request.
  • Students are to be aware that the red/white rotation does not change when an online/flexible learning day is held.  If the weather forecast may result in a school closure, students should anticipate this possibility and bring home course materials for all classes - both red days and white days.

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