Student Symptom and School Attendance Information

***UPDATED December 4, 2020***

 Daily At-Home Screening for COVID-19 Symptoms
  1. Keep your student and any siblings at home.
  2. Parent/Guardian should call or email the attendance line: 507-334-3948, x302 or email
  3. Provide details of the symptoms so staff can follow up as needed, including whether your student is prone to seasonal allergies.
  4. If a COVID test is needed, find area testing sites, hours, and contact information here
  5. Student will be marked sick for attendance.
  6. At this point, there is no expectation that a student will check in or engage in their classes via distance learning if absent. 
  7. However, as they did last year, your scholar should check PowerSchool for missed assignment information. Faculty update class pages daily. Again, there is NO expectation that a student check in or study via distance learning at this point if they are out sick.
  8. A student will NOT transition to formal distance learning at BA unless an extended illness or quarantine warrants this transition.
  9. BA staff will work with each family to determine if a transition to formal distance learning is needed and will inform appropriate faculty of the transition.
  10. Parents should coordinate with Front Office staff (507-334-3948) for pick up of books and materials.
  11. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers with any questions if they are out sick for any length of time.
See the decision tree from the MN Department of Health below for more information:

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