Bethlehem Academy launched "Houses" beginning in 2021 school year. Our purpose is to further live out the mission and ministry of the school. Through BA Cardinal Houses, scholars will experience more support and connections, fellowship and opportunity for faith growth, leadership skills and mentors, and strengthening of BA school spirit and community. The Bethlehem Academy House System strengthens our school body through a focus on smaller communities, friendly competition, faith discussions and integration of all grades,    6-12.

The BA House System unites scholars of all grades into five smaller Houses. Each House is further divided into Mentor Groups of about 10-15 students. Juniors and Seniors are the Captains of each smaller mentor group. Throughout the year BA gathers in Houses, approximately once a quarter, for mentorship time and House activities. This division creates smaller groups with stronger bonds, unifying the school beyond grade level. Our Houses are:

  • Veritas - Truth (Green) Teachers: Fr. Powers; Mrs. Battles; Mr. Zabel; Ms. Kratt; Mrs. Jandro and Mrs. Reeder
  • Caritas - Love & Charity (Orange) Teachers: Mrs. Kohl; Mr. Wollin; Miss Shimota; Mr. Hillesheim and Mr. Friesen
  • Gratia - Grace (Aqua) Teachers: Mrs. Smisek; Mr. Wendt; Mrs. Piehl and Mrs. Sauer
  • Credo - Faith/Belief (Yellow) Teachers: Mrs. Coller; Mrs. Tondryk; Mr. Madden; Mrs. Donlon; and Mrs. Roessler
  • Salve/Savara - To Save (Grey) Teachers: Mrs. Cina; Miss Story; Mr. Bengen; Mr. Busse and Mr. Wollersheim

The BA Cardinal House System aims to nurture a vibrant school spirit, inspire excellence, foster faith, and encourage leadership. Scholars are the driving force behind the House System—with our older students helping to plan activities, organizing service projects, act as mentors to our younger/new students, and expand upon our spiritual ministry. In our first year we will:
1) Have a House Ceremony to divide students/staff into Houses
2) Plan at least four House activities
3) Nominate Mentor Group Captains
4) Create House shields, select Saints and develop our "House" personalities!
5) Develop mentor activities and House events for the future!

Here is an introductory video created with our Student Council to kick off our first year of Houses! (Video)

Contact: Melinda Reeder
Our Mission
Bethlehem Academy, a Catholic school in the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, strives to empower its students and staff to achieve personal, spiritual and academic excellence. We challenge ourselves to love as Jesus Christ loved, to lead, to serve, to inspire and to seek the truth: Veritas.
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