Bethlehem Academy Tuition and Fees 2022-2023*

Middle School

Grade 6                                              Grade 7                                                                Grade 8
Tuition:                    $3240                  Tuition                                   $3961                       Tuition                                  $4682
Technology               $700                   Technology                             $700                       Technology                            $700
Books/Materials.      $500                    Books/Materials                     $500                       Books/Materials                     $500
Student Life              $600                   Student Life                            $600                       Student Life                           $600
                    Total:   $5040                                                      Total:  $5761                                                        Total:  $6482

Grade 6-8 Range:  $2800-$6482*

High School (Grades 9-12)

Tuition                                  $7113
Technology                            $700
Books/Materials                     $500
Student Life                           $600
                                 Total:   $8913    

HS Range:               $3100-$8913*

*Bethlehem Academy believes in providing the opportunity for a quality Catholic education to all who desire it. To do so, we provide a variety of tuition assistance options. The tuition and fees on the right of the range is the full amount for families who choose not to apply for tuition assistance. Any family who is concerned about affording the full tuition and fees rate is encouraged to apply for financial aid through TADS. Please note: International students are not eligible for financial assistance from Bethlehem Academy.

Other Fees:
International Student Fee:  $2000
Athletic Activity Fee:  $140 per sport

Enrollment Incentive:  Enroll by February 22, 2022, and the $10 FACTS enrollment fee will be waived.

Sibling Discount:

For families having more than one student enrolled at Bethlehem Academy, the following tuition discounts will apply:
                *2nd student: 5% discount on tuition
                *3rd + student: 25% discount on tuition
                *Sibling discounts do not apply to fees; full fees will be assessed for each student 

Our Mission
Bethlehem Academy, a Catholic school in the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, strives to empower its students and staff to achieve personal, spiritual and academic excellence. We challenge ourselves to love as Jesus Christ loved, to lead, to serve, to inspire and to seek the truth: Veritas.
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