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What is PSEO?

The Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program allows high school students to earn both high school and college credit by successfully completing courses. This program challenges students academically and saves them time and money. Courses are taught by college instructors and they might be taught online or on the college campus. High school juniors and seniors may enroll in PSEO courses for free.

How do I take a PSEO course?

Students that are interested in taking PSEO courses should first speak with their counselor. Each college or university has their own admissions requirements and deadlines and students will need to ensure that they are eligible prior to applying to the PSEO program at that college. Once students have decided to apply, they will follow the requirements outlined on the college's PSEO website; these are often similar to standard first-year college students applying to college. 

How do I find a college?

In the Helpful Resources section you will find a condensed list of colleges and universities that BA students may be interested in. In addition to their name and website, you will also find their deadlines and minimum admission requirements. Most of these colleges offer online courses that are flexible and fit into a BA student's schedule. A list of all participating colleges or universities can be found here.

Does it matter which college I choose?

Taking a class from a community college versus a university doesn't matter as much as taking a class that you can be successful in! Whether you're looking for a class on child development or an advanced calculus course, most colleges offer a wide array of options. Finding a course that you are interested in and fits your academic needs matters much more than which college you choose. In addition, when it comes time to apply for admission, colleges are more interested in which courses you've taken rather than at which schools.

Will my college credits transfer to my college or university of choice?

Every college and university has a different transfer policy. If you know where you want to attend, it will be helpful to contact an admissions representative at that school to ensure that your credits will transfer. Many schools that are located in states other than Minnesota have very strict transfer credit policies that apply to their state only. This means that if you choose to attend a school in Kansas, your credits taken in Minnesota have a lower likelihood of transferring. That being said, general courses will transfer more easily than specific ones (A course titled "Biology" will transfer more easily than one titled "Biology of Life").

What else do I need to know?

In order to remain a BA student, you must be enrolled in four classes located on-site and we do not allow students to be full-time PSEO students. Each PSEO course that is 2 credits or more counts as 2 classes at BA. Elective classes are replaced with study halls in order to give students additional time to work on their PSEO classes during school hours. As a requirement to graduate, all BA students must take their theology courses at BA. It's important to note that neither BA nor parents will have access to progress grades or information about the courses that a student is taking. Grades are typically sent by the college to Bethlehem Academy at the end of the term so that they can be transferred to a student's BA transcript. Your counselor might also request an unofficial transcript from the college.

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