Service Cord Qualification Outline

Graduation student service cords can be earned through your community service and involvement in Bethlehem Academy clubs, Student Service Club and SADD. Since our Student Service Club disbanded two years ago, we are putting into place a Service Cord application for all current 10th-12th grade students (2022-23). 

Bethlehem Academy, founded on the pillars of Dominican society, believes that ministry is an integral part of the development of our relationship with God. BA students are asked to focus beyond the relationship they may personally have with Jesus; students are asked to share the love of God with others. 

Service is a required part of being a student at Bethlehem Academy. Service is part of the five tenets of being a student at Bethlehem Academy: Character, Accountability, Respect, Decision-Making and Service. Students who provide service 172 hours during their four years as a BA high school student are eligible for service recognition and the honor of wearing a blue cord during their graduation ceremony.


No connection with any club - open to all*

Eligible to all students

Prior membership in service club not required

172 hours

Proof of service has to meet all 3 areas: school, church and community

Students may be a member of any student organization at any point; membership is not required

              * To be evaluated after two years.

Application due date will be determined in the Spring semester of 2024

Please review the service cord information. 
Click here for the sevice cord application.

Service hours must occur between July 1 prior to freshman year and the first Thursday after spring break Senior year.

172 total service hours needed (DOES include the 72 hours required in religion). Service hours must cover at least 10 hours in each of the categories: school, church and community.

Hours must be recorded and meet the required documentation: see hours form for tracking document. 

For volunteer opportunities please check out the BA Volunteer Connection.

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